I want to urgently be admitted to OCSC

OCSC on Duty

The Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center is on call every weekend for urgent diagnosed Cardiac Surgery or Interventional Cardiology cases. In such cases, prior consultation between the physician from the referring hospital and the cardiologist or heart surgeon on duty of OCSC must take place. The referring hospital’s physician should call at 210 94 93 000 and ask for the on duty cardiologist or cardiac surgeon.

Emergency Department Visit

If you self-present to the OCSC Emergency Department and require hospitalization, your admission takes place only if there is an available bed.   If there is no available bed, you will be transferred by ambulance to an on duty public hospital, after your condition has been stabilized and a safe transport has been ensured. This applies to all cases including patients that may have been hospitalized at OCSC in the past. If, however, you wish to go to a private hospital, you must arrange transport and admission to that hospital yourself. We would like to underline that all costs incurred at the Emergency Department are charged directly to the patient or his private insurance.