A CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST – two (2) Fellowship posts in the field of Cardiac Anaesthesia



The Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre (OCSC), a non profit private legal entity, specializing in cardiac surgery and cardiology, in accordance with its founding purpose for the promotion of medical training and research


specialised doctors of medicine-Anaesthesiologists to express their interest for the coverage of two (2) Fellowship posts in the field of Cardiac Anaesthesia, in accordance with the provisions of articles 17 and 35 of the OCSC’s Regulations of Internal Operation[1], as has been amended and is in current practice.

The invitation is extended towards young anaesthesiologists, who have an interest in state of the art areas of anaesthesiology and a keen interest in research in this particular field. The duration of the Fellowship Programme is one (1) year. The two Fellows will be employed on full-time basis in the Anaesthesiology Department towards furthering their training and specialization. They will also acquire certification from the European Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesiology (EACTA).

Candidates are requested to submit, no later than Friday, 21.12.2018 at 16:00, an application with a recent photograph and the following documents, either in Greek or English:

  1. Complete and detailed curriculum vitae (CV)
  2. Copies of:
  • Medical degree of a Greek or a foreign University of equivalent status,
  • Other degrees,
  • Physician’s Licence,
  • Certificate of Medical Specialty in Anaesthesiology,
  • Certificate of Current Professional Status,
  • Medical Association’s membership identification,
  • ID card (as issued by State Authorities) or passport,
  • Certificates of attendance/qualifications of scientific and professional activities as mentioned in CV.
  1. A list of scientific publications, as well as of research and academic activities.
  2. A certificate issued by the competent authority attesting the absence of any criminal record.
  3. (For Greek male citizens) Certificate of completion Military Service or legal proof of being excused.
  4. A proof of excellent command of the English language (IELTS 8.0 or equivalent).
  5. (For non-Greek applicants) A proof of very good command of the Greek language.


During the selection process, the following will be much appreciated: (a) prior experience in state of the art techniques of anaesthesiology, even if this was acquired during specialisation, (b) research interest and (c) the possession of or the candidacy for a Ph.D. degree

Applications and the relevant documents should be sent by mail [hard copy or in electronic format (USB or CD)] or courier or via email to: mn@ocsc.gr. If application is sent by e-mail, it is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm, via telephone, its receipt at +30 210 9493 103 or +30 210 9493 115.

Mail address: Human Resources Department, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre, 356 Syngrou Avenue, 176 74 Kallithea, Athens, Greece. Last date of submission: Friday 21.12.2018 at 16:00

OCSC reserves the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to declare the current expression of interest void or to cancel it.


You can download the call here: Πρόσκληση Εκδήλωσης Ενδιαφέροντος-Μετεκπαιδευόμενοι Αναισθησιολόγοι-2019 (ENG)


[1]  http://www.et.gr/idocs-nph/search/pdfViewerForm.html?args=5C7QrtC22wEaosRGzKxO6XdtvSoClrL838vig92cf9 zNZ8op6Z_wSuJInJ48_97uHrMts-zFzeyCiBSQOpYnTy36MacmUFCx2ppFvBej56Mmc8Qdb8ZfRJqZnsIAdk8Lv _e6czmhEembNmZCMxLMtce7c6VPB6WJdnjX6DkVFkPJgSkFKCQ9PrbpZ5Zye7uF

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