Technical service

The Technical Service is responsible for ensuring the overall licensing of the building as a whole and of all mechanical equipment of the Centre. Furthermore, it recommends the application of technologies, operational and organizational innovations based on technological developments, so that Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre can always remain on the forefront of technological and organizational novelty and optimally exploit the progress of technology.

The aim is to improve the quality of patients’ services combined with the most cost-effective operation of the Centre.

The Technical Service is divided into three departments:

  1. Department of Biomedical Engineering
  2. Department of Electrical and Mechanical Installations
  3. Department of Building Maintenance


  1. Department of Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering Department is responsible for:

  • the cost-effective use, the proper operation and the organized technical support of medical equipment and machinery of OCSC,
  • the quality control and implementation of international safety standards and protection of patients and staff, including radiation protection,
  • the monitoring of technological developments in Biomedical Engineering and the research for their integration at OCSC,
  • the recommendation for the purchasing of new medical equipment and / or the renewal of the existing equipment, the drafting of the relevant specifications, the drafting of contracts for the monitoring and maintenance of medical equipment as well as the management of such maintenance contracts
  • the technological support of research programs,
  • the update and training of the Centre’s staff concerning Biomedical Engineering issues and personnel safety.


  1. Department of Electrical Installations

The Electrical Installations Department is responsible for:

  • the operation and maintenance of electromechanical (E / M) installations of the Centre and of the medical gas supply system to ensure smooth and safe operation of these facilities,
  • the safe maintenance of the building and the centre’s facilities,
  • the fire safety of the building and the centre’s facilities,
  • the cost-effective management of electricity, water and gas,
  • the recommendation for the purchase of new electrical equipment or renewal of the existing one and the preparation of the specifications.


  1. Premises Department

The Premises Department is responsible for:

  • the maintenance of the building and the relevant repairs and the assurance of accessibility for people with disabilities,
  • the maintenance of the surroundings whether in areas with planting, or parking areas, ensuring access for people with disabilities,
  • maintaining a key record and proceeding with their reproduction after approval,
  • preparing studies for execution of works, supervising their implementation in accordance with applicable regulations and overseeing the reception of the relevant deliverables,
  • drafting and updating the investment planning per year for the upgrade of the hospital’s technical infrastructure and its equipment. The Finance Department takes into consideration these data for budgeting and planning OCSC’s development plan,
  • planning and execution of maintenance works, restoration and improvement of the buildings of the Centre.
  • the sanitation and excellent overall image of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center facilities
  • general operations and transports,
  • the management of hospital infections and the handling of household type waste,
  • manufacturing, purification, storage, repair and distribution of clothing and bedding,
  • the security of the building,
  • informing the staff on issues regarding the Centre’s reduction power consumption as well as suggestions for saving recyclables