Quality Assurance - Public Relations Office

The Quality Assurance-Public Relations Office is responsible for:

  1. a) Quality control and assurance of the high standard of services rendered,
  2. b) Medical and Nursing standard requirements in collaboration with the services involved,
  3. c) Public relations and OCSC internal and external communications,
  4. d) Implementation and evaluation of the implementation of organizational research policy and procedures,
  5. e) Follow-up on Research Programs progress.



The concept and vision of quality has deep roots in the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center (OCSC) and the Administration is committed to secure this. The Quality Office was initiated end of 1993 with the goal of measuring quality indicators, based on predefined-controlled clinical criteria to insure the quality of services rendered. Non-conformities from the standards are discussed and conveyed to both the Administration and Quality Committee. The Quality Office collects important data for the necessary analysis. The Organizational Quality Network compiles of Internal Auditors and Quality Liaisons from all levels of our departmental services and plays a significant role in communications with the Quality Office.

All the Quality Office activities are under the auspices and supported of the Quality Committee. The Quality Office is responsible for the preparation, coordination and follow-up on issues pending for the agenda.

In addition the Quality Office supports the monthly Death-Clinical Complication Working Group meetings, in addition to the issues that pertain to the Morbidity and Mortality Cardio-Surgical and Cardiology Division.

In 2004 OCSC attained the ΕΛΟΤ EN ISO 9001:2000 Certification for all services rendered by the Organizational from ΕΛΟΤ, the Swiss SQS and IQNet.

In 2010 the OCSC Quality System modified successfully and was certified with ΕΛΟΤ EN ISO 9001:2008. In 2011, the OCSC was certified with ΕΛΟΤ EN ISO 22000:2005.


Public relations and Communications:

Public Relation activities focus on the following:

  • The enhancement of research and education activities in the Centers scientific and nursing achievements
  • Communication with the Media
  • Support in organizing specialized conferences /seminars
  • Follow Press releases via Internet
  • Contact with public inquiries relating to relating to patient complaints and charges
  • Supervision of the publication of informative pamphlets of the Center
  • Distribution of Hospital photographs
  • Updating the OCSC website



The Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center (OCSC), our physicians and specialized scientists, conduct research products as directed by the Centers Board of Directors, Greek Law, International Law and the Bio Medical Ethics valid in our country.

Concerning Research Programs the Quality Office is responsible for the coordination, organization and implementation of research projects from the onset since 1993.     The Quality Office is the responsible department for the Centers research framework and strives to encourage the development and progress concerning OCSC Research Programs.

In particular, research review includes but is not limited to programs that:

  • Have been annulled/cancelled
  • Currently in progress
  • Concluded
  • Submitted to the Health Counsel Center (KESY)
  • Submitted to the General Secretariat of Research and Development and/or the European Union.

The Quality Assurance-Public Relations Office supports administratively and participates the Medical Ethics Committee and Scientific Committee concerning topics related to Research.