Phone use - TV - Radio - Air Conditioning

Every bed has its own telephone. After informing the call centre (by dialling 0) for your desire to unlock your phone, you may place both local and long distance calls for a nominal fee.

You may call the call centre to ask for your phone to be unlocked as soon as you are transferred to your hospital room upon completing your stay at the Catheterization Laboratory or in the Intensive Care Unit.

If you are scheduled to have a heart surgery, you may call the call centre as soon as you settle in your room. When taken to the operating room, the phone is locked and you may ask to unlock it again after your surgery, your stay in the Intensive Care Unit and your return to the room.

If you are transferred to a different room, the Admissions Office informs the call centre to lock the phone of your first room and unlock the phone in your new room.

Public telephones requiring the use of a phone card, can be found on the ground floor (Terrace and Outpatients), on the 1st floor (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) and the 7th floor. Be aware that the use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in all areas of the hospital.

Relatives may directly call the room number at any time that they don’t disturb other patients by dialling 210 94 93 xxx and adding the room number, e.g. room 513 answers the call at 210 94 93 513. Please respect the other patients

Each room has a TV set and a remote control. If there is no remote control in your room, you may ask for one from the nursing staff. With the exception of single rooms, the use of television stops at 22:00.

Patients may choose to listen from a variety of pre-set radio stations by using their individual headphones.

The temperature of your room is regulated by the thermostat located in your room.