Patients’ and relatives’ meeting with the doctor

Both you as a patient, as well as authorized persons by you may be informed about the state of your health only by the attending physician during the scheduled days and hours for each department. For emergency cases, such meetings can take place outside the regular schedule.

The relationship with the treating doctor is interactive. You as a hospitalized patient and your relatives, update him/her for everything related to your health (previous state of your health, medications you take, diet, habits, habits, occupation, use of alcohol, tobacco, sports, etc.). Your doctor informs you about the current condition of your health and about the ways you may help yourself with or without the potential help of your family during your hospitalization and after you are discharged.

Attempting to find out about the state of your health from any other employee except the responsible physician, who knows every detail about your situation, only grows your distress and serves no real purpose.