Medical Record Copies and Examination Results

OCSC is particularly sensitive to issues of medical confidentiality. The results of the examinations, and your Medical Record are strictly personal and strictly confidential, as required by the Law (2472/1997).

You can receive examination results or copies of your medical record in one of the following ways:

  1. In person with demonstration of an official document bearing a photograph and certifying your identity (identity card, passport, driving license, insurance booklet) from the Medical Records Department at the ground floor, next to the Reception, on working days from 08:00 to 16:00.

You can also, receive examination results from the Reception until 22:00 after communicating with the Medical Records Department during the same day. Please note that if the results are not picked up from the Reception, they will be returned the following day at the Medical Records Department.

  1. Through a courier company at your own risk and cost. Please inform accordingly the Medical Records Department.
  1. Through an individual authorized by you. The authorization must be certified by a public authority (police or CSC, etc.) and refer explicitly the reason of its issue (authorization to receive specific medical examination results or copies of your medical record for a specific treatment). This authorization may also be completed either on the patient’s card that the patients signs at the Admissions Office during the admission to the hospital or on a special form available at the Medical Records Department.
  1. Through email. If you wish to receive examination results by email, please send an email at After we confirm your request through the phone (for safety reasons), the results will be sent attached to a reply message to your inbox.

Before the delivery of examination results or of medical records copies, the patient or his authorized representative shall be required to clearly complete and sign the form “Receipt of Results-X-rays or Medical Record Copies.”


Medical Records Department contact information
Phone 210 94 93 179
Fax 210 94 93 906