Organizational Philosophy

The Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center (O.C.S.C.), a hospital specializing in cardiovascular surgery and in diagnostic and interventional cardiology, was designed, built, equipped and furnished by the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation. In 1993, it was donated to the Greek State and has operated since under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, which through the appointment of the Board of Directors oversees the budget and the overall management. It operates as a non-profit institution. Medical, nursing and laboratory staff are selected for their knowledge, experience, and superior ethical standards. In-service training and continuous medical education ascertain the quality of patient care. The administrative staff is also renowned for their level of competence and outstanding professional standards.

OCSC has been staffed since its inception by superior scientists, based on strict selection criteria and is proud to have doctors that are jewels not only for Greek but also for international medicine. Similarly strict selection criteria were utilized in the selection of our nursing staff which serves as the pillar of our high quality level of services. These services are supported by an efficient administrative structure, which ensures high quality services through highly specialized Offices such as Quality Assurance, Information Systems, Biomedical Engineering and Continuous Education as well as the adequacy of well-trained administrative staff.

With such specifications as well as the ultra-modern high-tech equipment, the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center serves as a beacon and an example for hospitals in Greece and is comparable and competitive to the best respective foreign ones. This fact cultivates a feeling of confidence and safety for our patients and their loved ones.