OCSC having the primary purpose of providing high quality services and care, considered necessary the development of Office of Education & Library with the main task of lifelong learning and staff development.

The strategies used by the Office Education & Library to develop a comprehensive renovation program and staff training include :

  • Design Methods
  • Methods of presentation and
  • Methods of evaluation of programs

Main purposes of the Office of Education are:

  • The determination of educational needs from all the personnel
  • The organization of training programs and solve emergency problems in clinical application
  • The evaluation of the training programs carried out, including any adjustments or improvements
  • The informing of all the educational activity inside and outside the OCSC associated with the personal development.

Annual Staff Training Program

Responsibility of Education Office is to identify the educational needs of staff at all levels and organize Annual Training Program, which is approved by the Manager Service and then by the General Director.

Valuable sources of information on the program design are :

a. The Hospital Administration with the objectives set for the improvement of services provided.
b. The Directors of each Departments to identify the training needs of their staff.
c. The personal requests of the staff which have been expressed to the Education Office.

The Annual Training Program includes :

  1. Orientation Seminar for newly employed personnel (duration 1 day). The program aims to familiarize a new employee with the working environment, the philosophy and policy of the Hospital, the regulations and procedures in use.
  2. Orientation Program (duration 60 hours) Includes theory and practice on manicins. Notes are provided and the trainees undergo written tests.
  3. In-service Training Program (duration 3 months). Carried out by the Clinical Tutor of each department. For the implementation of the program specific Training check-lists are used for a uniform training.
  4. Clinical Tutorials on specific subjects such as: temporary pacemakers, ECG interpention, Prevention of Infection Control, Berling Heart VAD etc.
  5. Ongoing Programs for all Hospital specializations include :
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Seminars for Effective Communication
  • Seminars for Electronic Computer
  • Seminars for Work Environment Safety
  • Seminars for Quality Internal Auditor etc.
  1. Cardiological, Cardiosurgical and Anesthesiology Sectors organize respective training programs for doctors comprising Cardiologists-Cardiosurgeons meetings, Morbidity-Mortality meetings, etc.
  2. Other OCSC training activities. The Hospital doors are open to training requests of:
  • doctors & nurses from other local & foreign hospitals in order to staff their cardiology and cardio surgery newly established departments.
  • students of local schools (Medical, Nurses, Dieticians, etc.) as well as from abroad (Erasmus exchange programs)
  • citizens (school teachers & students, athletic associations, companies, etc.)
  1. Training Personnel (tutors). The most capable and specialized trainers are always selected to carry out the programs. Nonetheless, the Training – Library Office has attended to organize a large team of specialized internal trainers from all departments, such as:
  • Clinical Tutors: experienced staff trained on Adult Education Seminar
  • Resuscitation (BLS, ILS, ALS) accredited by the European Resuscitation Counsil (ERC).
  • Training Program for the Berlin Heart Excor-VAD.

Furthermore, many of our staff have post-graduate titles (Master, PhD, etc) and specializations being thus competent to train the other personnel.

email address: training@ocsc.gr


The Library serves all the scientific staff of the hospital and the other scientists across the country through:

  • the National Documentation Center network and sending full text of the work of medical journals which are not in the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center Library and
  • Internet (Internet)

It hosts several Greek and foreign books on cardiology and cardiac surgery. The list of medical journals renewed annually. The library is not a lending library. 

It has four terminals and reading positions.

The Library is open from 08:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday.

email address : library@ocsc.g