01 Mission

To improve the health of Greek citizens by establishing and maintaining internationally recognized standards in personalized health services with excellent clinical outcomes, efficient use of hospital resources and special focus on research and continuous staff training.

02 Goals

To achieve our mission, OCSC has set the following goals:

  1. The provision of patient focused, specialized and quality health care services with the support of OCSC research activities as well as the training of personnel,
  2. The introduction of new methods and innovative technologies,
  3. The attraction of remarkable medical, nursing and administrative staff,
  4. The commitment for continuous improvement of our services,
  5. The development of corporate social responsibility initiatives to cover medical needs of the greater community,
  6. The support of the Main Donor’s Vision.

03 Values

Service to the Greek community, care and respect to patients and their families as well as investment and respect to our staff members have all been integral parts of OCSC’s culture since its inception. Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center staff has adopted the following values to support our Mission and achieve our Goals:

Quality of Services
OCSC has a long-standing tradition regarding the quality of its services. We always strive to successfully implement the hospital’s bylaws, our policies and procedures and support this effort by measuring specific performance indicators, monitoring our clinical results and taking corrective actions.

Teamwork and Collegiality
Patient care is the result of teamwork. As OCSC staff members, we come together, creating a protection grid as an offer to our patients, our fellow citizens and their relatives.

Caring for patients and their family
As OCSC staff members we recognize that every patient places their trust and their lives in our hands. We strive hard every day to meet and even exceed patient and family expectations.

We welcome change by embracing everything that breaks new ground in health care provision. We strive for the implementation of innovative techniques and the use of new tools that will help us improve our performance.

We treat patients, relatives, visitors and suppliers with selflessness. We ensure that patient rights are respected, that patient privacy is protected and that patients are fully informed and offer their consent to their treatment before invasive or non invasive medical encounter

We take full responsibility and stand accountable for the results of our work. This responsibility is underlined by the assumption of nontransferable liability, i.e. delegating tasks and responsibilities to others does not exempt one from one’s responsibility.