Nursing Wards

Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre has three nursing wards. Their organisation and operation are based on hospital protocols. Nursing staff is of the highest scientific proficiency, as it includes higher education registered nurses and MA / MSc nurses. Team work, excellent cooperation, high quality scientific background as well as work experience provide patients with quality and specialised nursing care.

The nursing wards mission is to ensure a sound and safe environment for all persons attending (patients, relatives, hospital personnel), ensuring quality healthcare to all patients as well as professional satisfaction and scientific advancement for all nursing staff.

In this context:

  • Nursing care is based on and guided by international guidelines as depicted in the hospital’s certified protocols, ensuring the quality of available services provided to each patient
  • For each patient a personalised care plan of interventions is programmed and implemented, so that every health need is addressed successfully in a short amount of time
  • A system of team work is in place aiming to provide holistic care and taking under consideration all patient needs in order to prevent complications and promote health
  • Innovative techniques are considered and implemented as they emerge in recent literature reporting the progress of nursing science
  • Particular attention is paid to adequate staffing as well as appropriate work allocation, so that nursing work stress is relieved and staff changeover as well as professional burn-out are avoided, therefore maintaining stability of provided quality of care
  • Continuous and systematic in-hospital training and education of all nursing personnel are promoted; additionally, their participation in scientific programmes outside of hospital is often funded.