Central Sterilization Services Unit

The objectives of the Central Sterilization Services Unit (CSSU) are:

  1. To provide accredited sterilised medical-technical resources according to hospital needs
  2. To provide a safe environment (products and services) for patients and staff
  3. To continuously be updated while keeping a balanced use of resources in mind and implementing a system of management based on cost analysis for supplies and equipment.
  4. To contribute to education and training both in and out of hospital, to prevent infection and provide optimal nursing care.

Outlining the process of sterilisation

Transferring to the CSSU

After use, multiple use materials are transferred to the CSSU within closed trolleys.

Cleaning (decontamination – disinfection)

Decontamination is the process of removing most of the biological residue from tools and materials. It is followed by thermal disinfection of materials, one of the most important phases in the line of work.

Functional test and tool arrangement

Functional tests ensure that tools are usable. Tool arrangement ensures that each set contains the right type and number of tools.


Packaging materials and supplies provides a microbial barrier which guarantees sterility until use.


The usual method of sterilisation for heat-resistant materials is pressurised steam in autoclaves (machines with specific technical standards).

Keeping sterilised materials

Sterilised materials are kept in a clean area with specific environmental requirements and handling procedures until use.

Transferring materials to users

Sterilised materials are transferred within closed trolleys in specially-build elevators.

A system of management is practiced involving:

  • Coordination of actions
  • Controlling total cost
  • Optimal CSSU results
  • A full and clear picture of the handling process
  • Abundant availability of surgical tools and materials.