Catheterisation Laboratory (Cath Lab)

The hospital’s Catheterisation Laboratory has three operating rooms where diagnostic and interventional procedures take place.

Diagnostic: coronary angiography, ventriculography, electrophysiological studies, right-sided pressure studies, biopsies, intra-coronary ultrasound.

Interventional: coronary angioplasty / percutaneous coronary intervention, stent implantation, RF ablation, pacemaker implantation, defibrillator implantation, atrial septal defect closure, patent foramen ovale closure, aortic valve implantation.

In the unit there is a resuscitation room, as well as a preparation room for patients. The unit is on 24-hour alertness with immediate cardio-surgical coverage if needed.

The catheterisation laboratory is staffed with higher education registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and healthcare assistants.