Medical Imaging Laboratory

Contact Phone Number
Head: Irene Mastorakou 210 94 93 154
Attending doctors: Spiridoula Katsilouli
Olga Karapanagiotou
Attending doctors Β΄: Stamatina Kampanarou


The OCSC Medical Imaging Laboratory is equipped with the latest high-definition technologies and offers a broad range of general and specialized imaging examinations.


Radiology unit

The Radiology Unit has recently been equipped with digital radiography acquisition workstations and processors making optimal imaging with minimal radiation.

In Radiology Unit the following procedures are carried out:

  • adult and pediatric radiography,
  • children’s bone age measurement


Ultrasonic unit

The Ultrasonic Unit is recently equipped with the latest ultrasound system, with which all-standard ultrasound examinations are performed, and also, leading-edge examinations, such as elastography.

  1. Color vascular ultrasound (triplex) with which these vessels are examined:
  • carotid and vertebral arteries
  • abdominal aorta
  • renal arteries
  • iliac arteries
  • arteries and veins of the arms or legs
  • splenoportal axis vessels


  1. Ultrasound solid organ
  • Upper abdomen organs (liver, gall bladder and cholangeia, pancreas, spleen)
  • Urinary tract organs (kidneys, bladder)
  • Minor pelvic organs (genital male / female)
  • Thyroid (+Fine needle aspiration biopsy – FNA)
  • Breast


  1. Ultrasound elastography of solid organ and atherosclerotic plaques


Cross-Sectional Tomographic (CT) Unit

The CT Unit is equipped with two 64-slice CT scanner with 2 X-Ray tubes, a pioneering model with high efficiency in combination with low radiation doses. With this latest CT machine, the examinations are carried out in minimum time.


  1. Heart Examination with CT (non-invasive)
  • Non-invasive coronary angiography comprising calcium load measurement, soft atherosclerotic plaques tracking, blockages identification.
  • Cardiac monitoring (ejection fraction, stroke volume and left ventricular delivery)


  1. Angiographies with CT (non-invasive)
  • chest pain acid control (CHD block, aortic dissection, pulmonary embolism with a single test)
  • integral noninvasive angiography (aortic, iliac, renal arteries and arteries of upper and lower limbs)
  • angiography of pulmonary artery


  1. Brain tests and upper & lower abdomen organs examinations
  • Pulmonary parenchyma control with low dose protocol
  • Examination of the whole abdomen and of all solid vital organs


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