Central Laboratories

The Central Laboratories include the following separate Biopathology units: Microbiology, Biochemistry, Virological Control and Serologic. A wide range of exams from typical to most specialized (such as NT-proBNP levels, homocysteine levels, Procalcitonin etc.) is carried out. The Central Laboratories operate 24 hours a day throughout the year.


Operational Mode

Each unit receives samples (blood, urine, feces and other biological fluids) from inpatients, outpatients, or patients of the Emergency Department, performs the requested tests according to accompanied referrals, checks the results and forwards them to the relevant departments. This process is completed electronically. The Central Lab’s independent computer system manages the identification of samples with a bar code, the electronic signature of the results and their on-line transmission.



The Central Laboratories are equipped with ultra-modern fully automated analyzers and use high quality reagents, ensuring maximum accuracy and repeatability of each examination.

An internal quality control in accordance with international standards is conducted daily. The Central Labs participate regularly in external quality control programs.


Laboratories Staff

The staff consists of physicians, biopathologists, chemists, biochemists and technologists, who have years of experience and excellent education.