Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and Congenital Heart Disease Department

Contact Phone Numbers
210 94 93 872
Head: Nikolaos Yiannopoulos 210 94 93 000
Attending Doctors A’: Dimitrios Bobos
Michael Milonakis
Andreas Chatzis
Nurse Liaison: Maria Dimitropoulou  210 94 93 338
 Fax: 210 94 93 887


Since the launch of the Onassis Cardiac Centre in 1993, the aim of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and Congenital Heart Disease Department has been to cover the country’s needs in pediatric and congenital heart disease (Link – Pediatric Cardiologist introduction) in general. Within the scope of this objective, in September 1997, by decision of the OCSC’s Management and the securing of funds from the Onassis Foundation, in order to complete the necessary infrastructure, the Cardiac Surgery Department Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Surgery has began its operation as an independent department. To this end, a new specially equipped operating room, a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit with the capacity of eight beds has been created and also, the Pediatric Nursing Wing has been modernized. Since then, the Department performs the entire spectrum of advanced surgery congenital heart disease in patients of all ages (newborns, infants, children, adults).

More specifically, regarding cardiac congenital disease surgery, the following procedures are carried out in the Department:

  • Occlusion of intracardiac communication (atrial, ventricular, partial atrioventricular canal, deficits venous sinus head uncovered venous sinus)
  • Complete correction atrioventricular canal (CAVC)
  • Aorta-pulmonary shunts
  • Pulmonary artery banding (PAB)
  • Correction of aortic isthmus stenosis
  • Occlusion of Arterial duct
  • Anastomosis by Glenn/Fontan
  • Complete or partial correction of anomalous pulmonary veins estuary
  • Repair of double-chambered right ventricle
  • Complete anatomical correction of the Tetralogy of Fallot defects
  • Anatomic correction transposition of the great arteries (arterial switch)
  • Repair of hypo- or hyper- valvular
  • Plastic of aortic arch (stenosis correction or aortic arch interruption)
  • Repair of Scimitar syndrome
  • Repair of aortopulmonary window
  • Repair of arterial trunk
  • Aortic Root Replacement (Bentall’s procedure)
  • The Ross/Konno procedure
  • The Rastelli procedure
  • The Kawashima procedure
  • The Mustard procedure – modified type
  • The Norwood procedure
  • Mechanical Circulation Assistance in cases of severe heart failure in children, in collaboration and with the support and supervision of the Responsible doctor of the Transplant Unit.