Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit - ICU

Contact Phone Numbers
Head of the Department: Andreas Karabinis 210 94 93 335
Deputy Head of the Department: Katerina Marathia 210 94 93 230
Senior Attending doctors: Kyrillos Papadopoulos
Androniki Tasouli
Attending doctors Α΄: Michael Georgiadis 210 94 93 236
Eleftherios Kolomtsas
John Kriaras
Efterpi Limperopoulou
Despoina Markantonaki
John Bisiadis
Amalia Rombola
Attending doctors Β΄: Katherine Fountoulaki


Contact Phone Numbers
Head of the Department: Andreas Karabinis 210 94 93 335
Attending doctor Α΄: Felitsia Kakkava 210 94 93 201 & 210 94 93 232
Attending doctor Β΄: Constantine Kiriakoulis
Maria Papafilaktou
Administrative office: 210 94 93 335
Call center: 210 94 93 000
Fax: 210 94 93 331
Administrative office’s e-mail:

The Adult Cardiac Intensive Care Unit has twenty beds and the Pediatric one, has four beds. There are also, rooms of high microbioprotection for the treatment of immunosuppressed patients (such as patients after transplantation).

The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit’s operation is characterized by the fast throughput of the patients (with average Unit hospitalization of 36.5 hours), and the hospital-acquired infection rates are among the lowest worldwide. The ratio 1:1,4 nurses/patients contributes to the outstanding level of services provided in the OCSC’s Intensive Care Unit.

The high level of services in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit is based on both technical staff and technological equipment that includes state-of-the-art multi-purpose respirators, pacemakers, intra-aortic pumps, dialysis machines, and nitric oxide delivery and monitoring systems.

The Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, in addition to its contemporary equipment, has also, special pediatric respiratory and other devices. The specialized nursing staff in the field of pediatric cardiac surgery and congenital heart disease guarantees the best treatment of such cases.