Preventive cardiology - Outpatient deparment

Department Head Genovefa Kolovou
Contact phone number 210 94 93 341
To schedule exams 210 94 93 933


Preventive Cardiology deals with people facing high-risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and also, those who have already suffered a cardiovascular problem. The system, which is applied at the Preventive Cardiology, requires a close cooperation between specialized cardiologists. The OCSC’s Department of Preventive Cardiology has developed a research team and is involved in many global clinical studies.

Preventive Cardiology Department consists of the following outpatient clinics:

Lipidology Unit

In patients with dyslipidemia, besides the measurement of the lipid profile (total cholesterol, LDL, cholesterol, triglycerides and HDL cholesterol), we also, examine the postprandial lipids (fat curve), and if it is deemed necessary in difficult cases we also, proceed with a gene evaluation.

In some cases we apply specialized procedures such as LDL removal. LDL-removal is a method applied when the pharmaceutical therapeutic treatment is not sufficient. It usually involves people with familial hypercholesterolemia. LDL-removal is the extracorporeal patient’s blood transport to the LDL retention filter, which contains special polyacrylamide beads. The polyacrylic acid retains only the LDL cholesterol. Then the blood is transferred through an air detector, and finally it recharges the body. The LDL-removal sessions do not substitute but are added to hypolipidemic treatment.

People with severe genetic dyslipidemias have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials with very specialized treatments, which is the only way to administer the more innovative treatments that have not yet been widely distributed.

Antihypertensive Unit

Patients with hypertension undergo non-invasive tests to find the underlying reasons for their condition and the potential consequences. A simple way of checking is the 24-hour blood pressure monitoring with Holter technique and the Complior. Holter is a special automatic apparatus measuring the blood pressure that records pressure fluctuations throughout the course of 24hours. Complior is a method for assessing vascular distensibility.

Magnetic Tomography Unit

The Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center does not own yet an MRI scanner. However, there is a systematic examination of patients by the cardiologist Sophia Mavrogeni in cooperation at a scientific level with various Laboratories – Hospitals outside OCSC.

Arrhythmia – Pacemaker Unit

Coronagraphy – Angioplasty Unit

Cardiac Insufficiency Unit

General Cardiology Unit

Post-Surgical Unit

Pulmonary Hypertension Unit