Non-invasive Diagnostic Techniques Unit

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Unit Heads– Deputy Heads: Giorgos Athanasopoulos
Giorgos Karatasakis
Deputy Heads: Athanasios Dritsas
Dimitris Tsiapras
Attending Doctors Α’: Filippos Kokkinos
Stamatis Kirzopoulos
Attending Doctors Β’: Vasiliki Vartela
Evaggelos Leontiadis
210 94 93 000


OCSC’s Echocardiography Laboratory is the first in Greece that has acquired a European Certification. The certification is granted by the European Society of Echocardiography and the OCSC’s Echocardiography Laboratory is one of the first three certified in Europe. In OCSC’s Echocardiography Laboratory the following procedures are performed:

  • Color Echocardiogram, including also, the Doppler (Triplex) technique, for the evaluation of the heart performance, heart valve problems and the assessment of the pharmaceutical or surgical treatment efficacy on patients with various heart diseases such as valvular cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease. Additionally, hemodynamic information that in the past required a cardiac catheterization now, is obtained with a non-invasive way with the echocardiogram.
  • Dynamic Echocardiography (stress echo) for evaluating the performance of the heart during stress. OCSC’s Echocardiography Laboratory is the first in Greece, which systematically applies the dynamic echocardiography in the clinical diagnosis of coronary artery disease. The most dynamic echocardiographic exams are conducted with intravenous administration of specific drugs (dobutamine, dipyridamole), which create similar states to those of physical effort, indeed, under controlled and safe conditions. The laboratory has also, developed and applied in clinical practice the transthoracic measurement of coronary flow reserve, mainly with adenosine administration. Many dynamic exams in OCSC are performed with simultaneous assessment of coronary flow reserve. Additionally, there are echo-contrast exams performed for the evaluation of intracardiac communication and the delineation of endocardial.
  • Transesophageal Echocardiography used for detecting thrombi in the left atrium in patients with atrial fibrillation before the electrical cardio-version or the more accurate assessment of valvular diseases or intracardiac communication in patients with technical difficulties in transthoracic study. It is also, used during cardiac surgery for the intraoperative decision-making.
  • Additionally, the Tissue Doppler echocardiography is performed with its main clinical application the cardiac insufficiency and dyssynchrony, for the selection of patients who are candidates for biventricular pacing and resynchronization and for their subsequent monitoring. Tissue Doppler now, performs the evaluation of the right ventricle’s function.

Due to the increased need for echocardiographic examinations, OCSC’s Echocardiography Laboratory operates on Saturdays to serve patients better.

The Noninvasive Diagnostic Techniques Unit runs also, a very large number of stress tests and Gas analyzer (ergospirometry) exams. The stress test is used in the diagnosis of myocardial ischemia. The Gas analyzer (ergospirometry) is applied in patients with cardiac insufficiency or valvular disease to evaluate their cardiovascular functional/operational status and to determine the prognosis, and the critical treatment decisions ensuing.