Medical Service Organizational Structure

Medical Service is organized into four Divisions:


Chief Medical Officer: Andreas Karabinis
Chief Surgery Officer: Giorgos Stayridis
Chief Surgery Officer – Intensive Care Units: Andreas Karabinis
Chief Cardiology Officer: Vasilios Voudris
Chief Anesthesiology Officer: Stavroula Lakoumenta
Chief Laboratory Officer: Dimitris Deyiannis


All medical divisions offer both regular and emergency outpatient services. Additionally, both the Health Scientists Office and the Paramedical Professions Office report to Medical Service.

The general duties of all doctors belonging to the Medical Service Division are:

  1. The provision of medical care to the patients in accordance with the rules and the teachings of modern medical science and art
  2. The planning and monitoring of the provided medical services
  3. The advancement of education and research
  4. The compliance with the rules of medical ethics and deontology and also, the OCSC’s operating principles as defined by the Law, the currently applicable Internal Operations Regulation, the decisions of the Board of Directors and the Medical Service Operational Framework.


Medical Service is staffed with:

  • Full time Consultants, consisting of dedicated full-time doctors
  • Fellows recruited as temporary staff
  • Residents who are appointed by the Ministry of Health
  • Other staff