I want to book an outpatient appointment with a doctor

The Outpatient Department operates with scheduled visits to the different clinics and diagnostic departments. To schedule an appointment, please contact the Department Secretary at from Monday through Friday, and from 8:00am to 4:00 pm.

The appointments may be morning ones or afternoon ones. The cost of a morning appointment differs from that in the afternoon. Neither one is covered by any insurance fund. The patient has to pay for the visit out of pocket. The fees for visits to outpatient clinics are:

Examination in Medical Clinic-Morning €60
Appointment with Department Head (afternoon) €100
Appointment with Deputy Department Head (afternoon) €90
Consultant Appointment (afternoon) €80


OCSC has entered into contractual arrangements with EOPYY and other Insurance Funds that cover most of the diagnostic tests. EOPYY coverage includes a 15% co-payment for all the diagnostic exams that are covered by the Fund. Credit card holders can take advantage of the favorable conditions provided by the use of credit card.