Cardiac CT scan examination: Instructions

On the day of the examination do not forget to bring:



  1. REFERRAL FROM A CLINICAL PHYSICIAN: Pathologist or Cardiologist
  1. HEALTH INSURANCE BOOK: For prescribing the contrast agent
  1. RECENT UREA – CREATININE TEST: This examination should be performed during the last two weeks before the date of the Cardiac CT scan examination. Is there a record of kidney failure?
    Tests related to the heart: ultrasound, scintigraphy, surgery record, coronary angiography / angioplasty findings etc.



  1. Light breakfast or meal 6 hours prior to the examination.
    Abstinence from food two (2) hours prior to the examination
  1. Stop Glucophage or the generic medicine a day before the examination. After CT-contrast administration, the treatment is discontinued for two more days (same and following day). In case of non CT-contrast administration, the drug is taken normally.
  1. Any other medical treatment is followed properly.



  1. In case of an allergy, you should contact with the doctors of the Medical Imaging Laboratory.
  1. In case the patient suffers from renal failure or hyperthyroidism, a contact with the treating physician should precede.


► Contact hours and phone numbers of the Medical Imaging Laboratory:

210 94 93 167 (9:00 to 14:00)